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Accordions – Bertha HV Accordion Shutters

The Bertha High Velocity Accordion Shutters offers the best in strength and performance value. The high velocity Accordion shutters feature a five-point locking system, with a key lock. These shutters can be operated from the inside or the outside of the house The different style locks include the push lock, which is the most popular and simple choice; the Mortise lock, which offers an added security measure; the T-handle style lock which has been the standard in the industry for years; and the Salt water or Egress lock, which is ideal for high corrosion areas such as Beachside or Oceanside and Riverside homes. All of these locks and very easy to operate, yet very effective.

Our Bertha HV Accordion shutters provide hurricane and security protection for your home. These are ideal for those homeowners that take short-term vacations, or weekend getaways, since they enclose your home’s entrance areas, yet have peek holes in them to protect against impact from debris or other storm conditions. The Accordion style shutters are generally permanently installed on your home, and easily operate on a sliding track so that you can open and close them at your discretion.

Our Accordion shutters are Florida building code approved (H.V.H.Z.). They are available in these four colors of high quality paint finish: white, ivory, beige and bronze.