Bahama Shutters

Eyewall Armor™ FullView® Bahama Shutters

We offer both non-impact, decorative Bahama shutters, and high-impact Eyewall Armor™ FullView® Bahama Shutters. Our decorative Bahama shutters are available with either solid or hollow blades. Both the decorative and impact Bahama style shutters add architectural appeal to any residential or commercial building, without sacrificing functionality. They are installed permanently on the windows of your home or business, and remain virtually maintenance-free for the duration of their life. The Bahama style shutters are very easy to close securely, so one person can secure your home from storm and hurricane elements in a matter of minutes!

Although the Bahama shutters’ construction material is Aluminum, there are several standard color options to choose from with an unlimited number of custom colors available, for an additional fee. Additionally, these shutters provide UV protection, increasing energy efficiency and effectually lowering utility costs. The installation of these shutters can also increase your home’s property value since they add hurricane and storm protection, as well as home security.

The impact Eyewall Armor™ FullView® Bahama Shutters ), are able to weather considerable impact from debris as tested for a 9lb. large missile impact in accordance with A.S.T.M. E1886-E1996 and TAS 201-202-203 standards. This is especially important in our Melbourne, Florida area where hurricanes and storms are prevalent throughout much of the year. Installing these protective shutters will give you peace of mind knowing that your home or business is secure and protected if a bad storm or hurricane should hit, regardless of the high winds and various airborne debris.

Technical Information:

  • Articulating louvers (no backing required).
  • Simple to open, close and adjust.
  • Fully-tested to A.S.T.M. E1886-E1996 and TAS 201-202-203. (Impact Shutters)
  • 9-lb. Large missle impact resistant. (Impact Shutters)
  • 5" clear span.
  • Noise Reduction
  • Hurricane Protection
  • Home Security
  • Increased energy efficiency, utility cost reduction.
  • Able to adjust to various open positions, from fully-shut to wide-open.
  • Can increase your property value.