Clam Shell Awnings

Our Clam Shell Awnings are the ideal choice if you are looking for more basic, inexpensive protection for your windows and doors. The Clam Shell Awnings are aluminum in construction, making them very durable and long-lasting. They are great for creating shaded areas outside of your doors and windows, which helps increase energy efficiency by not allowing direct sunlight to penetrate your home or business. Their adjustable side arms also make it possible to fold them down over your windows and doors for greater protection against rain and debris.

Our Clamshell Awning slats overlap to create a tight seal against the elements, with a heavy-gauge side valance and 1” cross members for support strength. Additionally, all of our awnings exceeding 79” wide include stiffeners for enhanced stability. Standard ordering starts at a minimum of 24” awning slats up to a maximum of 110” awning slats, with anything outside of that range requiring a special order and additional costs.

Technical Information:

  • Overlapping slat panel design.
  • Awnings fold down for optimal window and door protection.
  • Main color available in White or Ivory.
  • Awning accent stripes available in Red, Black, Dark Green, Blue, Brown, Gray, Ivory, White and more.