Buckle and Strap System

The Buckle and Strap System is probably the most versatile and strongest design option available. The Anchors are installed either at the top & bottom, or on the left and right of the opening you aim to protect. On one side, the screen is attached using fixed loops first, and then is next buckled with straps on the opposite side, securing the screen in place. Generally, eyebolts are used to secure the screen to the anchor points.

Standard Features:

•    U.V. Stabilized Fabric and thread for All Colors
•    Fabric available in these colors: White, Cream, Sand, Beige, Grey & Black
•    Transparent
Remarkably Strong and lightweight

Other Options:

•    Keyhole Clip System for speedy deployment
•    Airbag System for Glass Separation
•    Cutouts and notches in the screen to avoid flying debris and other weather elements
•    Rub Patch for jagged or course Contact Points
•    Zippers Available for Egress
•    Paver Earth Anchor System (Ideal for Pavers on Sand; No Concrete Necessary!)
•    Marine Grade 316 Stainless Steel Anchors