Grommet System

The Grommet System uses a similar anchor design to the traditional shutters. The quarter inch anchors are spaced at about 6” or 12” on center, and installed on two opposite sides of the window or opening: usually top and bottom, but can be done on the left and right if desired. The grommets are then aligned with the anchor points and secured with either a stainless steel sidewalk or a wing-nut.

Standard Features:

•    U.V. Stabilized Fabric and thread for all available colors: White, Cream, Sand, Beige, Grey & Black
•    Transparent, so no visual impairment to the outdoors
•    Lightweight with 6”, 12” & 18” on center spacing available
•    Superior Strength
•    Perfect for daily Sun, wind, rain and bug Protection

Other Options:

•    A Variety of F-track profiles available
•    Velcro tabs to secure hand-rolled screen in place
•    Custom fabric colors to match when rolled up with Velcro
•    Cutouts and notches in the screen to avoid flying debris and other weather elements
•    Rub Patch for jagged or course Contact Points
•    Zippers Available for Egress
•    Stainless Steel Anchors, larger diameter anchors available upon request
•    Equally spaced grommet layout available