Eyewall Armor® (EA) 44mm Roll Shutter

Technical Information and Features:

  • Features End Retention where the shutters are locked into the tracks to ensure they do not come out.
  • Offered in both Vented and Non-Vented Slat style.
  • Snap-on track covers conceal mounting anchor holes.
  • Meticulously tested to withstand high impact flying debris
  • Available in sizes up to 146.5" in width and up to 252" in height.
  • Ultra-compact roll diameter permitting up to 72" openings in a 7" box and up to 108" in an 8" box.
  • Energy efficient, reducing utility costs.
  • Increases Property value, as well as Home Security.
  • Nylon end retention guides are attached with aluminum rivets to avoid dissimilar metal reaction.
  • One rivet every other slat end maximizes manufacturing time.
  • Spans ranging from 5' to over 12' with loads from +-93 to +-40 respectively.
  • Operation is exceptionally quiet.
  • Vented slats allow light to penetrate, increasing year-round livability.